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We are sorry to see you go, to uninstall the Drumlo extension please follow these simple steps for each browser you are using.

I don't know which browser I am using

Check the icon of your browser in the upper left corner:

  • It's blue letter E = you are using browser Internet Explorer
  • It's blue globe with orange color = you are using Mozilla Firefox
  • It's green-red-yellow wheel with blue dot in the middle = Google Chrome


How to uninstall toolbar from Internet Explorer

Click on settings icon in the upper right corner.

Choose the option Manage add-ons.

Select the add-on you want to uninstall.

Click on Disable button and confirm the option.

How to uninstall toolbar from Mozzila Firefox

Go to menu Tools > Add-ons.

Use search box to find Drumlo add-on.

Click on Remove button and finish the uninstall.

How to uninstall toolbar from Google Chrome

Hit the settings icon in the upper right corner, select Tools.

Select Extensions sub-menu.

Find the extension you want to uninstall and hit trash can button.