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Simplicity and usefulness are two characteristics that make Drumlo browser extensions remarkable. Novice internet users appreciate both, the easy installation of the plugin they choose and deeper exploration of the selected topic. Advanced users like the ability of getting the desired information fast, with minimum effort. Currently, we offer our users two browser extensions that are free of charge: Recipes Search and What's on TV.

Recipes search

Get the access to thousands recipes from various regional cuisines such as french, italian, german, japanese or even czech cuisine. Search recipes by ingredients, enjoy cooking with daily tips and please your family and friends with completely new menus. Cooking has never been easier than with video recipes.

Whats on TV

Do you prefer horror movies or romantic soap operas? Set Drumlo What's on TV extension and never miss your favourite TV programme. Follow popular television channels, get right subtitles in your native language or check movie rating before watching it. You can use our one-click access feature to receive notifications of new movie trailers and next-to-watch recommendations.